The company TPS is a Polish company specializing in the production of vessels and equipment in stainless steel and steel.
The company's activity is focused on individual customer needs.

The company's mission is the realization of individual contracts in accordance with the expectations and needs of the customer. Production is carried out at the highest standards and modern technology in order to produce the highest quality equipment at the optimum time at competitive prices.


TIG welding

The advantage is versatility TIG - welding of a range of thicknesses, as well as the best quality connection. We have many years of experience in welding by this method.

Frezowanie lub toczenie

Milling, Turning

As part machining is performed turning and milling in metal and stainless steel.


Machining processes

- cutting,
- deburring,
- grinding,

Our flagship products are the tanks, however, we also provide various types of machinery, work platforms, industrial railings, connect, stairs, ladders, prefabrication, assembly and all types of equipment to meet individual customer needs. We do all the production stages: design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and service. During service to our customers we take care of the details and the economic, modern and functional solutions. We ensure timely delivery of documentation tailored to the customer's needs.

In addition, the company offers the following services:

We sale:

We are able to export all you need for your products See all products. Catalog of tanks

Our performance

The company focuses on dynamic growth. For this purpose, it invests in modernization of equipment and the modernization and expansion of production buildings. We focus also on the development and training of employees.




Quality policy implemented in our company concerns the introduction and continuous improvement Quality Management System. Its task is to ensuring that the needs and expectations our stakeholders including customers their professional service and constantly improving and expanding our offer. The recipients of our products and services must be convinced that the solution entrusted by them is at the highest technical level, and the concern for their quality is in the first place. All employees of companies, at every position, are responsible for the quality of their work.

Our main objectives are:
- correct recognition and meeting the needs and expectations of customers
- reaching out to the customer's expectations
- implementing services and the production of products , which are characterized by more and better quality and are competitive in relation to third party products
- on time execution of orders
- meet the international requirements , legal regulations and industry standards
- improving quality assurance activities so that the TPS company's logo reflects the high , reliable and stable quality of products and services,
- development of technical staff to achieve a higher level of technical proposed devices and services

Requirements that we set ourselves are the measure of the constant improvement of processes carried out in the enterprise. On behalf of all employees and our own we declare improvement and Quality Management System development in accordance with accepted requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015.

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TPS - Manufacture of machinery and equipment made of stainless steel

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